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Vehicle Inspections


We love doing inspections and maintenance services on vehicles because we often find a concern as it is starting and can advise the client to repair it before it becomes a more costly repair. Case in point was a recent service on a 1994 Ford F250 pick up.

While performing a comprehensive inspection we came upon this rear axle seal just starting to leak. Fortunately we caught it before it had leaked gear oil onto the brake shoes and destroying them. Our client wisely chose to repair the seal immediately and by doing so he saved several hundred dollars in brake work. Paying for an inspection saved our client money.

Leaking axle seal, caught before the leak soaked the brake shoes.

Advanced Auto Center leading the way in Automotive evolution. Noe Gramajo and his technicians developed a 41­point inspection­­ covering everything from brakes to battery to transmission and tires.

“The reason we provide this service is because we want our customers to be fully educated on anything and everything that is going on with their vehicle,” says Kutter Morrison, service writer for Advanced Auto Center. “If you get this type of inspection done, you will know everything that is going on with your vehicle. Therefore, you will be able to do all that is possible to protect and preserve your car.”

It may be a bit confusing deciding whether the 10­, 50­ or 100­point car inspection is the best option, the number in front of the inspection may just be a marketing ploy. However, all reputable inspections — no matter the number — should include a check of a car’s most critical safety components.

“It’s a way to help our customers know about issues that they might not have yet noticed. Knowing about a problem early on allows our customers a chance to budget these repairs in the future. Often times, catching problems can save money on repairs that can turn expensive if left unchecked.” Says James Gillaspy, service writer for Advanced Auto Center.

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